ATG Glove Range + Mec Dex

As an expression of their responsibility towards our planet, ATG® have appointed a dedicated team that continually measures and monitors the short and long-term ecological impact of all their production processes. This team’s expertise also helps them to think ahead, improve performance and find ways to further minimise their global environmental footprint. This entire monitoring process is ISO 14001 certified and serves as the foundation for their environmental framework as well as their HandCare® Programme

Their whole manufacturing process is in line with the requirements of the European REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemical Substances)

Within their gloves they use sanitized to keep odors to a minimum. Sanitized® is like a deodorant that helps keep your gloves fresher longer and leaves you feeling safe and protected. Please note that ATG® uses a specific grade of Sanitized® that is “triclosan free”.

They use their HANDCARE® Programme for every single ATG® product. Not only do they make certain that all the elements used in their manufacturing process are safe for their employees, but they also wash all the gloves after the production process as a further step in ensuring cleanliness. During this laundering process, they only use water that is rain-harvested, treated and continually recycled from their own water treatment facilities. This enables them to guarantee their gloves to be “Fresh out of the pack” which is certified by Oeko-Tex®.

Their gloves are also dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. The Skin Health Alliance seal gives, for the first time in the safety industry, professional glove users the confidence that ATGs full range of gloves are “dermatologically safe” and the science and research behind them is robust.
They spare no effort in making sure that the ATG® glove experience is a gentle one, both for the user’s skin and for the planet. They do everything they can, from start to finish, to guarantee that their gloves are 100% allergy tested and dermatologically accredited, and can therefore be considered to be the “skin-friendliest gloves on the planet”.


Maxiflex Ultimate

Designed & developed as a breathable glove with its new anti-perspirant technology has reduced sweating by 31% compared to standard gloves. If your hands have ever sweated or got warm inside a glove then the technology integrated into this glove means that this is the glove for you.

Most used for dry, general handling.

Maxiflex Elite

Designed & developed to be the lightest fully breathable coated glove, weighing in at a staggering 36% less and 30% thinner than traditional foam nitrile gloves. Most used for dry handling, such as wiring operations, when using tools and instruments and handling small components.

Maxiflex Cut

A cut resistant glove for use in dry environments that is super thin, flexible, dexterous and comfortable which is reinforced between the thumb and forefinger. It improves cut resistance and extends glove life.

Maxicut Ultra

Designed and developed as a breathable cut resistant glove. Its patented micro-foam nitrile coating makes it the most breathable, cut resistant glove on the market. It combines cut protection with comfort and flexibility and dexterity for dry environments.


An oil repellent, flexible, super thin, dexterous and comfortable, general handling glove. It has a micro-cup non slip grip finish which allows for a controlled and superior grip in oily and wet applications. The non slip grip is only applied where it is needed, in the palm area to ensure flexibility isn’t compromised.


Natural latex on a seamless Acrylic/polyester liner with a non-slip grip. Designed for general handling in wet or dry applications in cold conditions.

MecDex -Impact Protection Gloves

Specialising in mechanics gloves for light, medium and heavy duty applications Mecdex incorporates innovative materials into their gloves to provide the wearer with key features such as grip, cut resistance and impact protection to the back of the hand.

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