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tesa ® 4688 is a standard cloth tape with a PE extruded substrate and a natural rubber adhesive mass. £9.25 50mm This combination forms the basis for easy handling: the tape is easy to unroll and simple to tear by hand. The repair tape is strong but also sufficiently flexible to be a reliable aid to craftsmen. It can be used for a variety of applications and offers very good adhesion even on rough surfaces. The waterproof and ageing resistant
duct tape is available in seven colors: black, white, blue, yellow, red, silver/matt and green.

Main applications
Indoor and outdoor applications
Bonding of construction films
Bundling of cables
Repairing, packaging, protection, marking
Technical properties
Backing material
PE extruded cloth

Total thickness: 260 µm
Type of adhesive:natural rubber:3.4 N/cm
Elongation at break 9 %
Tensile strength 52 N/cm
Temperature resistance (30 min) 110 °C
Mesh 55 count per square inch

tesa ® 4651 is a powerful high quality acrylic coated cloth tape. It is based on a 148 mesh woven rayon fabric backing and a natural rubber adhesive.
tesa ® 4651 is a very strong cloth tape for almost every application.


• high adhesion even on rough surfaces
• excellent tensile strength
• straight tear edges longitudinal and horizontal
• easy to write on
• conformable
• available in 8 colours: black, white, grey, yellow, blue, red, green, brown
• Product description
• Technical properties
• Rating properties

Main applications
• Indoor and outdoor applications
• High demanding applications
• Fixing, bundling, repairing, marking etc.
• Permanent sealing of pipes
• Securing of sharp edges
• Sandblasting

4651 Tesa Black 50mm x 50m 22.50
4651 Tesa White 50mm x 50m 22.50
4651 Tesa Black 25mm x 25m 14.95
4651 Tesa White 25mm x 25m 14.95

tesa ® 4688 is a standard grade polyethylene coated cloth tape. It is based on a 55 mesh woven PET/rayon fabric backing coated with a pressure sensitive natural rubber adhesive.
tesa ® 4688 is a typical repairing tape, convenient for a variety of needs with very good handling characteristics.


• strong adhesion, even on rough surfaces
• waterproof
• easy to unwind
• tesa ® 4688 is certified by AREVA according to requirements of the Siemens AG standard TLV 9027/01/06 for nuclear power station: total halogen content

Main applications
• Marking, masking, packaging, protecting, fastening, closing
• Bonding of construction films
• Closing of cartons, tins, etc.
• Fixing of wires
• Bundling of cables
• Splicing of films, marking of parts during maintenance in nuclear power plants

4688 Tesa Black 50mm x 50m
4688 Tesa white 50mm x 50m
4688 Tesa Black 50mm x 25m
4688 Tesa white 50mm x 25m

tesa® 4671 Highlight Visibility Cloth Tape
4671 tesa® cloth tape is a strong acrylic paste coated cloth tape with a 120 mesh woven rayon fabric with rubber adhesive
It offers high adhesion even on rough surfaces
Matt finish cloth tape
Excellent product for the Arts & Entertainment field
Units of 1 roll
Colours: Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow

4671 Tesa 25mm x 25m

Our single sided, medium density black PVC foam tape is a strong protective tape with an
acrylic adhesive; great for protecting against dust weather and air
ingress and has superb general gap filling capabilities. It is black in colour and has a siliconised release paper for easy un-roll and application.

While the tape sticks well to the area applied and is good for permanent adhesion, once
removed it leaves very little adhesive residue behind!
The tape comes on a roll that is 20 meters long for 3mm and 10 meters long for the 5mm

Sizes available
Foam tape 25mm x 5mm x 10m
Foam tape 50mm x 5mmx 10m

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